Our Readers

Mama Tracy's offers in person and Phone Readings. Each of our Mediums & intuitive readers brings their special skill and knowledge to the readings they do. Astrology, tarot, or intuitive readings are reflective of the wisdom our readers possess. We believe in the elements that encompass the human experience and the need for change and transformation. Consider using our readers for guidance and affirmation of your past and present experiences and to help guide you on your spiritual journey. To make an appointment,
call (734) 626-5436 




Tracy: Owner, Intuitive Psychic & Medium.



Kecia: Intuitive Psychic 


David: Intuitive Psychic, & Medium.


August: Intuitive Psychic.


Shelly: Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Master Reiki Healer.


Laura: Intuitive Psychic, & Medium
Jessica: Intuitive Psychic.

Andrea: Intuitive Psychic.

Izzie: Intuitive Psychic.

Maya: Intuitive Psychic.

Anna: Intuitive Psychic, & Medium.